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Our technicians are 100% fully qualified in this industry for over then 15 years.

Local TV Antennas

Are you experiencing loss of signal, Freezing or Color Loss? If you lost signal on your TV, PORTSAT can repair at your home or office. Our qualified technicians will get your TV channels working again!

CCTV Upgrades

We design a Custom Camera system to meet your needs and budget. Our professionals are licensed and insured in security and they will install Cameras to meet all your residential and commercial needs. Nanny cams, spy cams, nursery cams, reduce employee theft, protect your assets and company.

Satellite Maintenance

PORTSAT provides quality satellite repairs and installations for over 15 years. Dish alignment, Aerial Installation single rooms or multi-rooms. Available all European channels, North Africa and Arabic.

Internet Booster

Searching for a Internet Booster that will increase Internet speed and speed up your Internet with better quality and performance on your home or office network? PORTSAT have the solution for you! The #1 Internet speed booster hardware device that is easy to install and can be used at any location in the world.

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